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Aware Super


Aware Super is a not-for-profit industry fund with a new name but a history going back to 1992. It is Australia’s third largest largest fund with 1.1 million members and A$150 billion under management following the merger between First State Super, VicSuper and WA Super. It is an active owner and across the fund it has more than $1 billion invested in renewables. It’s balanced fund has an asset allocation of 15 per cent to Australian equities, 24.5 per cent to international equities, 8 per cent to property, 1 per cent to liquid alternatives, 8 per cent to infrastructure, 5 per cent private equity, 17 per cent fixed income, 7 per cent credit and 14.5 per cent cash.

Fund Results

Aware Super

The asset owner directory includes key information about the fund including key personnel,
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