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Meet the team behind the GPTB


Mike Heale

Head, Business Development

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Advisory board

Each member of the GPTB esteemed advisory board brings a unique perspective on the importance of transparency and reporting from all corners of the globe. Their feedback and ideas have been instrumental in developing this concept.

Keith Ambachtsheer

President, KPA Advisory Services; co-founder and board member, CEM, Canada

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Fiona Dunsire

Not-for-profit board member

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Lorelei Graye

Founder, Adopting Data Standards, USA

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Angélique Laskewitz

Director, Association of Investors for Sustainable Development, The Netherlands

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Neil Murphy

Vice-president, communications, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario, Canada

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Project team 

Daniel Griffiths

Technical lead

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Sofie Desmet

Head of marketing and digital

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Edsart Heuberger

Product manager

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David Jennings

Director, client coverage, UK and Nordics

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Sadaf Shaikh

Director, talent

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Jim Stamper

Business development, US West Coast

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Franco Wang

Director, client coverage, North America

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Top1000funds.com is the market leading news and analysis site for the world’s largest institutional investors. Focusing on investment strategy and implementation, Top1000funds.com is populated by original news stories, case studies and research that relates directly to the work of investment professionals at pension funds, endowments and sovereign wealth funds. In addition to in-depth profiles of large institutional investors’ investment strategies, the content analyses the most innovative and up-to-date investment thinking and strategy via close association with the portfolio management, finance academic and practitioner communities.


CEM works with over 400 fund sponsors worldwide to provide objective, actionable benchmarking insights. Founded in 1991, with vast industry knowledge, a robust database and $10+ trillion in AUM, CEM helps the world’s top pension schemes understand and manage their costs and performance. CEM also facilitates better pension outcomes by sharing cutting edge research derived from its proprietary databases.


“Transparency is the first step towards accountability.”

Please note, your details will be shared with both CEM and Top1000funds.com. Your data will never be shared with any other organisations or third parties.