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With 128,087 insured persons, the BVK is the largest pension fund in Switzerland. It is a private law foundation. Around 60% of customers are from affiliated employers in the health, education and administration sectors. The remaining 40% are employees of the Canton of Zurich. When it comes to benefits in the event of old age, disability and death for active insured persons and pension recipients, the BVK is in a very good position when compared across the board. The contributions are very employee-friendly, with an employer’s share of 60%. Employees can also choose between three different contribution options. In addition, unlike other pension funds, the BVK also insures occupational disability. Thanks to its advantageous customer base, BVK has a very good policy structure with a comparatively high proportion of active policyholders. The advantageous customer structure is reflected in extremely low costs in asset and policy management. BVK also has a large portfolio of directly held properties and rents around 5,000 apartments and 333,000 m2 of office and commercial space. BVK also uses its real estate expertise to issue mortgages.

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