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AP7, Sjunde AP-fonden (Seventh AP Fund), is the state alternative to the private investment funds offered within the Swedish premium pension system. More than four million Swedes have their premium pension placed with the AP7 Såfa fund portfolio. The mission of AP7 is to responsibly manage these funds and provide a return that is at least as good as the average of the private investment funds in the system. AP7 invests in global equities across many different industries, which is a good way to spread risk. The fund’s core strategy is to take advantage of returns in the stockmarket as a whole by tracking market indices rather than individual shares. Up to the age of 55, 100 percent is allocated to the equity fund. From the age of 56 to 75 the allocation is annually rebalanced toward the fixed income fund until reaching an allocation of 2/3 fixed income fund and 1/3 equity fund at the age of 75.

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The asset owner directory includes key information about the fund including key personnel,
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