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AFP Capital is a Chilean pension fund manager. Based in Santiago, it is the Chilean unit of Dutch group ING and trades on the Santiago stock exchange. AFP Capital provides products and services areas including savings, investments, and pensions. It has a regional presence with offices in Arica, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama, Valparaíso, Región Metropolitana, Bernardo O’Higgins, Maule, Bío-Bío, La Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Aisén, and Magallanes. AFP Capital was acquired by Gurpo Sura in 2011, a Colombian group invested in the Latin American region with a focus in banking, insurance, and pensions. In the AFP system there are different forms of retirement, which can be accessed by both the affiliate and his beneficiaries or family group. In this section you will find information to apply for an Old Age, Early Old Age, Disability or Survival Pension, as well as the characteristics of the Public List and how to request exclusion.

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